Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carving into the Second Month of Marriage

Nik and I are well into the second month of marriage, which pretty much makes us experts. Here's what I've learned so far:

Being married means going to bed at 10:00 because we don’t have to stay up until curfew every night any more.
Being married means having a personal dishwasher, garbage disposal, and designated spider killer.
Being married means the grumps disappear as quickly as your husband can make you laugh.
Being married means you have a therapist to include all the itty-bitty details of your day to.
Being married means not being able to go to the dentist because you don’t have insurance.
Being married means having two families.
Being married means another layer of spirituality, through couple study and prayer.

Yesterday, we carved pumpkins with our good friends. The husbands sat on the couch watching the debate, postponing digging into their pumpkins for as long as they could manage. 

Our final results. Can you guess which is Nik's? I'll give you a hint. 
Nik ecstatic to find a kitty to hold, and a less enthused cat. 

Just kidding. 
JT taking things seriously, Nik stoked off  his batman pumpkin.

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