Friday, October 26, 2012

Expressions of Love

As a child, my sisters and I were introduced to a form of morse code created by our mom. Grabbing our hand she would  squeeze three times, representing the syllables"I-love-you.", to which we would repsond with two squeezes questioning, "How-much?", then our mom would crush our hands, meaning "Thiiiiiisssss muuuuuuuch," mustering all her strength to juice any life out of our hands. This was all done in an affectionate manner, of course.

However, my sisters and I twisted this as an opportunity to torture to one another. We would grasp each other's hands so tightly until it was understood this was a means to subject unbearable pain without getting in trouble. We would leave each other writhing in crippling pain, with buckets of tears welling in our eyes. The excuse being, we were trying to prove you loved them so much it moved them to tears.

(Lolly, age 3) This child should not have been give a means to express her Hulk-like rage/strength.

During sacrament meeting, after we'd grown bored of playing chopsticks or the program had no remaining space to color on, we'd grab one another's hands and squeeze "I-love-you," and in response to one another's eager "How-much?" we'd give a lack-luster squeeze roughly translating to, "Meh." Or worse, we would drop one another's hand, implying something much meaner.

Despite however this family tradition was twisted when we were children, it still remains a very endearing tradition that we still use today, and the husbands added to the Barnard family have been enlisted in participating, as it is a sneaky way to show affection without being obnoxious.

Notice Rachel's death grip? She's letting Tyler know how loved he is.
So, if you see Nik and I squeezing the life out of one another's hands savor the sweet expression of love you are witnessing.

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