Friday, October 12, 2012

Farmer's Market & Bustin' Myths and Pans

Friday date night we attended Rexburg's last farmer's market of the season. The Fall has greeted us with her cooler temperatures sooner than anticipated, but we decided to brave the brisk temperatures. Coats were brought out of our closet, but the evening's chilly weather and wind managed to cut through them.

Nik enjoying the chill.

All I wanted was a hot chocolate. We managed to find enough nickels and dimes in the car.

Celebrating the hot chocolate success. (It was short-lived. The milk was unpasteurized, fresh cow milk. Essentially, it encompassed all the negative aspects of whole milk. Too creamy, unnerving texture, accompanied by an overbearing after-taste.)

Myth: If you place a 13X9 pan on a hot burner, can it handle the heat?

The answer: No, no it can't. See photo for evidence. (For additional fun see how many hazards you can spot!)

(Trick question: too many to name)
(Also acceptable answer: paper recipe left on burner, flammable syrup with lid off next to burner.)

Nik and I decided to turn General Conference into a giant sleepover. Out came the mattress from the bedroom, and we spent Saturday in our living room converted into a bedroom.

Saturday morning, I made German pancakes with the Hill white syrup. Absentmindedly, I left the burner on and placed the glass pan I cooked the pancakes in it. During a talk we heard an action movie explosion in our kitchen. We were greeted with thousands of shards of glass gleaming in the sunlight. It covered the counters, stove, dusted the floor, laid on the table, and found random nooks and crannies throughout the kitchen to burrow itself. Luckily, no one was in the kitchen...the only injuries acquired was Nik split open a finger when cleaning up. (Due to my accident-prone-ess , I was not allowed in a kitchen with that many.) I feel it is necessary to mention that I am lucky that recipe on that sheet of paper didn't catch on fire as well. It's probably time to reevaluate my cooking style.

Also, yes the German pancakes were delicious. We would have gone for seconds but the remainders were burned and accompanied by glass. Tempting, but we passed. 

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