Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gorgonzola Garbage

I tried warning Nik ahead of time, saying "Hey, I'm making something new tonight and you might not like it because it's a girly meal." I feel the need to disclose to Nik that a dinner is 'girly' if it doesn't involve meat. 'Girly' meals send Nik to the fridge two hours after dinner smacking his lips, saying, "You know what sounds really good right now? ...A steak." 

But I knew this dinner would be especially pushing the limits of how girly of a meal I could cook, because it involved sautéed pears, cranberries, nuts, and a cheese I had to go to a special aisle to purchase it. 

The reaction I got from my husband was unexpected. 

There have been two times where Nik couldn't stand what I cooked. A hash brown incident that involved a rotten potato and his first experience with homemade macaroni. But he choked down both and said nothing, cautious of hurting my feelings. It was only until months later it was revealed it was traumatic experiences eating these meals. 

Upon taking his first bite of this dinner, his face gave a hint at what he thought. When I pushed for a reaction he responded with a dry, "I'll tell you in ten years what I think." Which I know is code for, "I have to let a large amount of time pass so when I tell you it won't crush your feelings." I gave him som wiggle room stating, "Nik gorgonzola is a pretty strong cheese... it tastes like mold." To which he replied, "If I fell off a horse and ate the manure on the ground this is what it would taste like."

Needless to say, I will not be sharing the recipe. Or cooking with fancy cheese again. Ever. 

Wish List 2012

1. Anthopologie apron- An apron thats cuter than most dresses I own? Yes please. With pockets? Yes, please.
2. DIY Burlap Art- Good daily reminder displayed simply and adorably
3. Gold Infinity Ring- simple piece of jewelry that can be worn everyday, and allow for mixing metals
4. J. Crew Flats- preferably in every color and pattern
5. Pallet art- can't get enough, I want pallet everything.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitty Christmas

When down in Provo, while at lunch with my sister we discussed the lack of Christmas ornaments during one's first year of marriage. Maybe word got back to my mom, but on our way back up to Idaho from Arizona we were told to pick up a package my parents left us. Left on my sister's doorstep was a decorative Christmas box, the kind my family stores our ornaments in. Inside was a dozen individually wrapped items in white tissue paper. We unwrapped our first Christmas ornaments. And my mom did it right. Cat ornaments. Being the crazy cat family that we are (Nik on the opposing side) I was ecstatic to become the owner of nine unique cat ornaments. It's a Christmas miracle!

In our house's storage we found a fake Christmas tree, and much to our disappointment as it was pulled out of its box we realized Charlie Brown's could put this one to shame. It is a dwarf, standing barely two feet tall and unfortunately has colored lights attached to it. (We always said we would be a strictly white lights family.) However, I knew that if anything could makeover our pathetic tree it would be the cat ornaments. I've also been trying to make some ornaments of my own. They never turn out as cute as I'd hoped, because my hands were not made to sew. 

Also, we have a fireplace. How many newlyweds get a fireplace!? None! If only we had stockings.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Road Trippin Alter Egos

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who lives by the philosophy that you don't know someone until you hop in the car with them and take a long road trip with them. The endless, lack luster inferno that is the Nevada desert causes emotions to arise in people that you normally don't see. Having spent countless hours driving all over the west coast with Nik, I'd say we have both seen a fair share of each others' road trip alter egos.

Road Trip Nik


  • Starts every morning road trip with McDonald's breakfast
  • Toughs it up and drives any distance, at any time of day (or night) and refuses to let his wife get behind the wheel
  • Pops caffeine pills like an addict (result of previously stated tendency)
  • Whenever there is a lull in music, promptly plays "I Believe I Can Fly" and belts out like he was R. Kelly himself followed by a monologue of the first five minutes of Aladin
  • Swears a cop won't give you a ticket if you wave to them when you pass
  •  In response to my statements of "Oh, I've never seen that movie," describes the entire plot so vividly I end up on the end of my seat ready to hear the ending, but always to my disappointment he'll finish with, "It's a great movie, we should watch it some time." (Revealing a movie ending is apparently a sin.)
  • Watched the entire Lord the Rings trilogy on an iPod while driving back home once    

Road Trip Sara

  • Starts every morning road trip with McDonald breakfast
  • Rarely put behind the wheel due to dangerous combination of a horrible sense of direction, anxiety that accompanies lane changes, and severe fear of getting squashed between semis
  • Pretends to sleep to hear husband sing embarrassing songs
  • Scans radio constantly to find a decent country station 
  • In charge of GPS, despite inability to use anything electronic
  • Competitively exclaims, "Look how much prettier my side is than yours!"
  • Requires frequent rest stop bathroom breaks

Strategies to Make a Road Trip More Bearable:

  • Have the car clean before you start, it will help reduce the inevitable greasy feeling the accompanies being in the car for long periods of time
  • Stock you iPod, in fact just bring your iPod... I can't tell you how many times we've listened to the couple of playlists on Nik's phone
  • Play '20 Questions', but not the version everyone plays... I just ask Nik a question, he answers, he asks me one, I answer, ect. It's an excuse to make conversation and get to know each other better
  • Count how many times we see the 'Hill' (there's a ten minute stretch in Utah that has 33)