Saturday, November 17, 2012


Nik is extremely organized, and I always used to make fun of his border-line OCD tendencies. But now  I appreciate when I stumble upon something in our home with Nik's organization style written all over it. Like three shelves of DVD's alphabetized. All the computer cords fastened together by a bread tie. All the cups sparkling clean, perfectly spaced apart in the cupboard.

I am more of a shover. Meaning, my cleaning strategy is to shove things into their 'proper place' to pretend like I have a clean home. Or I just ignore the messes that surround me and pretend like they aren't my responsibility.

But even I have my limits, and stress accompanies a house of disorder. So this morning when we woke and listed things we wanted to accomplish,  at the top of my list was "get this house clean."

1/2 of a closet organized,
1 made bed,
1 toilet scrubbed,
1 inside of an over shined,
2 sinks wiped clean,
2 rooms swept and mopped,
3 rooms vacuumed,
4 hours of a Pandora playlist,
5 loads of laundry,
6 vacuumed rugs,
and literally a million dishes, pots and pans washed by Nik,
I thought we were done.

And then Nik decided our gutters needed to be cleaned.

Which made our front yard look like this.

In more important new: In a three month span, I have used up my first 25 lb. bag of flour and 10 lb. bag of sugar. A lot of cookies, bread, rolls, and pizza dough was consumed in order to achieve this goal. Approximately, 8.3 lbs. of flour were consumed each month, we aren't afraid of carbs in this household.

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