Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitty Christmas

When down in Provo, while at lunch with my sister we discussed the lack of Christmas ornaments during one's first year of marriage. Maybe word got back to my mom, but on our way back up to Idaho from Arizona we were told to pick up a package my parents left us. Left on my sister's doorstep was a decorative Christmas box, the kind my family stores our ornaments in. Inside was a dozen individually wrapped items in white tissue paper. We unwrapped our first Christmas ornaments. And my mom did it right. Cat ornaments. Being the crazy cat family that we are (Nik on the opposing side) I was ecstatic to become the owner of nine unique cat ornaments. It's a Christmas miracle!

In our house's storage we found a fake Christmas tree, and much to our disappointment as it was pulled out of its box we realized Charlie Brown's could put this one to shame. It is a dwarf, standing barely two feet tall and unfortunately has colored lights attached to it. (We always said we would be a strictly white lights family.) However, I knew that if anything could makeover our pathetic tree it would be the cat ornaments. I've also been trying to make some ornaments of my own. They never turn out as cute as I'd hoped, because my hands were not made to sew. 

Also, we have a fireplace. How many newlyweds get a fireplace!? None! If only we had stockings.


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