Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Video Nerd

Twenty hours of our week are spent separately at our on-campus jobs. We're lucky enough to have jobs that are related to the fields we're going into. Nik makes videos all day, and I mentor students on career preparation strategies/necessities.  Let's just say Nik's job is a lot spicier than mine, but I don't let him know that.. when we come home and share stories from our day Nik tells me about all the toys he played with that are worth more than our house, and I explain how I saved the day perfecting one resume at a time. 

In the winter when we were both working full time it was even worse. Our conversations would go something like this:

Nik: So, what did you do today?
Me: Worked on an Excel sheet for six hours, and then did damage control with an angry student. What'd you do?
Nik: Made a commercial.
Me: Oh...right. Yeah, well those Excel sheets suuuure are tricky.

Hard at work or hardly working?
During seasons where it doesn't look like this outside...

First snow dump of the season... in October, no less. 
...Nik also makes video for apartment complexes town. Sometimes I get to tag along.

Totally stoked to be tagging along. Totally jealous of my husband's day job and the talent it requires. 
All jealousy aside, I love my video nerd. And once I got past the fact that he would document anything remotely exciting in our lives, I realized there were some sweet perks... like all the home videos.

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