Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two Bowls of Apple Jacks

Not to be mistaken for a recipe post, but let's talk about food.

If my dinner is not large enough, or I eat too early by the time bedtime rolls around (10:00 for this girl) my stomach start doing flips and turns, grumbling for something to munch on. Sometimes, I just try to ignore it but most of the time I try playing a game with Nik.

It begins with the question, “If you could eat anything in the world what would you eat right now?” Last night, my response was a description of a delicious, large slice of chocolate cake from a fancy restaurant. Nik just stated, “A burger.” I continued rattled off as many chocolate desserts, described with as many adjectives I could muster. To which Nik would say, “A burger,” again and again when it was his turn. He repeated it so many times by the end of the game my chocolate cravings had morphed into a craving for a Whopper. Too lazy to drive somewhere, too embarrassed to top of our evening with a burger, too poor to waste money on fast food...whatever the reason was we ended up in the kitchen pouring ourselves bowls of Apple Jacks. By our third bites, I turned to Nik and asked, “Is this doing it for you?” In between a bite, he just muttered, “Nope.” “Me neither,” I confirmed. We continued munching on our cereal, slurping the milk when we were done.

Falling asleep, my stomach was full of Apple Jacks, but my mind woke up still craving that darn burger.

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