Saturday, November 10, 2012

When in Idaho

We're unsure of how much time we will be living in Idaho. Everything is up in the air depending on internship opportunities, and how quickly we bust through our three remaining semesters. But Nik and I have made it a point to take advantage of our time here.  As a result, our date nights are filled with rodeos, demolition derbies, and any outdoorsy, redneck activity we can get our hands on. This weekend  was spent in a yurt. 

After work on Friday, with two other couples we left our small town for an even smaller town... and then the woods covered in a fresh blanket of powdery snow. A cast iron stove warmed the room and cooked our dinner. In the morning we were greeted with a new layer of snow, much to everyone's excitement. The boys spent their time pretending to be lumberjacks, chopping wood and body slamming trees to cause miniature avalanches. At the end of our trip we found the half frozen lake, with thousands of stunning snow covered trees in the background. 

As much as we find ourselves excited for the future with degrees in hand, out of Idaho, we're loving everything this little town and its surrounding has to offer. 

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