Thursday, December 6, 2012

Inexpensive DIY Gifts

Last Christmas Nik and I made homemade gifts for one another, as a way to save money. Mine was kind of a flop, but Nik nailed it. Follow his example and make a gift your spouse will remember and appreciate (not to mention, will leave your wallet full).

Nik  hallowed out this book for me last Christmas. However, somehow in the past year it has been designated his 'Cash Book' where any extra money from videos is stashed in here. I think every little boy's dream is to have a secret book to hide belongings in, and it follows them into manhood.

DIY Hallowed Book:

Items Needed:
  • Elmer's white glue
  • Bowl to hold glue solution
  • Box Cutter (or X-acto knife)
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Ruler, or straight edge
  1. Purchase a hardcover book from D.I. or a garage sale. I think it's more meaningful if you can find one that has some sort of inside joke. 
  2. Mix glue and water in bowl, 50/50 solution. 
  3. With the book closed, holding the spine of the book, brush glue solution along the sides of the exposed pages. 
  4. Place a spacer (such as a pad of post-its) between the book cover and first five pages of book. (This is to prevent the first couple of pages from sticking to the cover.) Place a heavy object on the book and along glue to dry for 30 minutes. 
  5. When dry, draw a half inch border along all four sides of first page. 
  6. Using a straight edge, cute along lines into book with box cutter. 
  7. Continue cutting through layers. 
  8. When book has reached desired depth, brush glue solution along inside pages. 
  9. Allow book to dry for 30 minutes. 
For step by step pictures go here

This is my favorite gift Nik's ever given me (Besides my wedding ring...does that count?). It was so unexpected and thoughtful. It's moved with me through three houses,  each time I've found a different place to add a cute detail to. 

DIY Teacup Candle

Items Needed:

  • Candle (old or new), or wax (scented or unscented)
  • Wick
  • Teacup
  • Optional: scented oils (lavender, vanilla, grapefruit, almond, ect.)
  1. Boil water in large pot or double boiler. Place candle in water until wax melts. (Or place wax in pot and melt over boiler.)
  2. Optional: Add in scented oils. Mix. 
  3. Fill teacups with melted wax to the top. 
  4. Wait five minutes.
  5. Insert wick into center of teacup. Rest a stick or pencil across the edge of the teacup to ensure the wicks stays centered and straight. Remove after a few minutes. (If not, it will create a dent.)
  6. Do not touch wax until completely cooled, approximately 2 hours. 

For step by step photos go here

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