Monday, December 10, 2012

Time to Cram

What this weekend looked like:

Nik went from one project to another. All last week, sleep was given up to edit and I felt like there was always a parade of people coming in and out of our house to help edit or film (until three in the morning). Nik's brother flew in from Mesa to film another project for a new business. Saturday greeted us with the chilliest weather we've seen in a long time, but there was plenty of sunshine to trick us into thinking it was warmer than it was, perfect weather for Nik to shoot all day while I cleaned a house that felt like had been housing a million teenage boys. 

What Monday looks like:

This is probably the longest Word has been opened on my computer. We've been busting out projects, and tonight I've got a long date with a twelve page paper. 

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  1. Hey Sara, Tell nick congrats on winning that video contest for the bookstore. I saw the video on facebook.