Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Two Days into Break

Presently, we are stuck in the Idaho Falls airport due to a delayed flight because a goose hit the plane on the way here. Seriously...

Next to me, Nik is looking particularly grandpa-ish with the blazer, reading newspaper, and leg crossed combo. It's kind of adorable. 

Speaking of that dang newspaper. For a class, we had to purchase a subscription for one of his classes and it became quite the joke throughout the semester. Because what student has the time to read an actual newspaper everyday? The only purpose it served was ticking off mailman everyday because we go to our mailbox like once a week. 

In our couple of days off of school, I always start feeling crafty when I have free time. And then thirty minutes into the craft, with a living room that looked like Michael's and Joanne's barfed all over it, I remember why I don't do crafts. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Finishing Up Fall 2014

This accidental matching thing is starting to get obnoxious. 

Around 4:30 (when I drive home from school) Idaho's golden hour occurs. It is so stunning and always one of my favorite parts of my day. 

While living in LA, we slept on a mattress topper. And it topped the floor. I personally like a stiff bed, but I think Nik developed some sort of PTSD towards the matter topper, and when we moved back to Idaho it ended up in our storage room. 

Somehow, we ended up putting on our mattress last week and it had been a game changer. Nik calls it a blessing and a curse because our bed is so comfortable it is impossible to get up in the morning. 

This last week was the week before finals. Except in my major we have projects AND finals. And all my projects were due in the same week. I cooked like once and didn't clean the house at all. My closet was out of control. I came out of our office one night to find that Nik had cleaned and organized my closet. 

In a little over a week we will be leaving this snow for warm Arizona. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 Reasons I Love The Snow

Yesterday was this winter's first big snow.  There have been dustings of powder here and there, but yesterday was the big dump. It can be classified as "the first big snow" because:

Everyone posted a picture. 

On the hill we live on there were four cop cars because of the inevitable accidents. 

It was enough snow that it won't melt off. We're in it for the long haul now. 

Because this is our last (hopefully, if everything goes according to 'the plan') winter with snow, I've decided to approach these frozen temperatures with an attitude of optimism. (Doesn't everyone love winter in December, though? Let's see if I make it to February...)

Here are ten reasons I love the snow:

1. Everyone starts driving like me. Slower. More cautious. Creeeeping out into intersections. 

2. Silence from the padding a fresh layer of snow provides. (Not to be outdone by the loud snow plows at four in the morning though.)

3. Layers! I love a thermal under a sweater, under a coat, topped off with a scarf, hat and gloves. (And tights and wool socks worn under pants.) I think my only form of cardio in the winter is taking all my layers on and off every time I transition from outside to inside.

4. Ice! Moonwalking on ice. Avoiding ice. Slipping on ice. Watching everyone walk like a shaky toddler over a patch of ice on campus. And the inevitable eating it on ice. There have been times where I have fallen, and then literally cannot find my footing to get up it is so slippery. There's something hilarious about the unspoken rule of you're allowed to laugh when someone falls (assuming they aren't hurt),  but then you should offer to help them up. 

5. Christmas music accompanied by snow outside! I mean... come on, can't be topped. 

6. Watching Nik scrape the ice off of our car. Last winter, we had the luxury of a garage. This winter, Nik is enduring his fair share of finger numbing scraping. I get an emotion that is a cross between pride and 'I-am-so-glad-you-are-doing-that-instead-of-me' watching him.

7. The blanket of white causes light to reflect like crazy at night. It actually is kind of annoying when trying to fall asleep. (I need a pitch black room.) But it makes middle of the night bathroom and drink trips less dangerous. 

8. Snowmen pop up everywhere. Every winter Nik says, "You know, I've never built a snowman." And then we say something like, "We should do that this winter! Yeah! Fun date idea!!!!" And then every winter we never build a snowman. Because it is freezing outside. 

9. Did I mention that snow and frost are gorgeous?! When viewed from the inside of a warm car (while Nik scrapes off ice) or apartment.

10. The camaraderie that winter builds between everyone it effects. Even our cars this morning was like, "Nooooo, it is too cold. Please don't make me do this." As it sputtered and clanked its engine on. 

Winter 2014 the Hill family is ready for you! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Our season is in a chilly transition. Where a month ago we had already brought out our warmest winter coats, and now that the temperature has dropped an additional twenty degrees we don't know what to do. 

This past week in school is has felt like everyone had checked out mentally because of the upcoming break. It was baaaad. But on Friday it was a professor's birthday and we surprised him wearing party hats and balloons scattered all over the classroom. Perfect to help gain momentum to work through to Tuesday when Thanksgiving break will start. 

Friday night (after months of waiting) we saw Hunger Games! It was a triple date that ended at Dairy Queen, but felt like third wheeling it with these three. 

For the last four months our living room walls have been bare. Nik reeeeally wanted to do a photo wall. But the project kept getting put on the back burner. Instead of us editing and printing the photos, we found a company (in Idaho, no less) to print Instagram photos for us. Nik spent an hour taping everything up today, and our front room finally feels finished. 

Lastly, all of Nik's wildest dreams came true today in the cereal aisle of Walmart. That is one thing I will miss when we move from Idaho, dirt cheap cereal. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Lately we've been:


Simultaneously getting ready, and didn't realize we were matchy-matchy until we were heading out the door. 

Post Halloween make-up removal. "Here's your makeup wipe, Nik." #thingsyouneverthoughtyouwouldsay

There are black jettas with Idaho license plates everywhere. I'll always think I've found our car, only to realize my key doesn't work. On this particular day, our poor car was parked next to its better looking twin. No broken antenna, all the hubcaps, and shiny clear lights. Whatever hot Jetta, we have a new windshield we might have paid too much money for. 


My little sister needed to make a cake for a birthday party. I have the more equipped kitchen, however, between the two of us we didn't have cake pans. Enter: chocolate mint bundt cake. 


Welcome to the family, shiny red chair. We are not thrifters. We are surplus sale shoppers. When furnishing our house, we found three old school chairs and I love them. Nik found a new one to add to the collection. 


Halloween is my least favorite holiday. Every year I stress about costumes, and we both had crazy weeks with no time to worry about it. So I went with the least creative costume ever, and Nik went with one that was cool in 2008. 

Halloween surprised me this year. We had a blast at a party thrown by friends, including a scavenger hunt at the graveyard next to their home. 


Since September, Nik has been working on one of his largest projects to date. Today was the first portion of the shoot, and I tagged along on set. 

Being on set is always interesting, because I just take up space and get in crew members' way. I can't be an extra because I forget how to even walk when in front of the camera. I'm also a  shot ruiner because of my tendency to look the camera straight on.

Despite my uselessness, I remain on set because:

a. I want to be a supportive wife. 
b. I need to make my presence on set familiar, so when they need a cat wrangler they'll know just who to choose. 
c. I am good at performing random errands. 

Errands such as:

Providing caffiene to a sleep deprived husband. 

Keeping elevators open when loading and unloading equiptment. Pretty much the whole production relies on my ability to stand still, watching everyone haul equiptment that weighs as much as me while I play on my phone. 

And over documenting like a proud, overprotective helicopter soccer mom. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Girls' Weekend

Friday afternoon Lol and I piled into my car for the 'you've-made-it-through-the-first-five-weeks-of-school-so-you-deserve-to-see-mom' freshman year trip for Lolly. That's a thing, right? I remember making it until mid October of my freshman year without crying on the phone to my mom. And when I finally did, I think it would have been better to get it out in spurts, because my crazy crying caused my mom to buy a ticket that night. But now it's become a tradition. 

We made it on time to crash the last ten minutes of dinner at Pizzaria 712. We had both already eaten, but that didn't stop the waiter from bringing us hummus and pita bread. Twice. Even though we didn't eat the first one. 

Saturday we headed to Salt Lake for fall shopping. Lolly is ready to let all boys on campus aware of her priorities:

Then we had the best dinner ever: 

Utah treated me well with beautiful weather, and my favorite company. 

Friday, October 11, 2013


I remembered Rexburg being windy, but these past few weeks Mother Nature has been a bit dramatic. Like fifty-miles-per-hour dramatic. I'm not sure if it's our new location up on a hill, but sometimes walking out to the car we literally have to shout over the wind to hear one another. It's comical now, but won't be in a month when the wind carries snow in it. It will not be funny then at all. 

The wind makes our walk to church entertaining. 

This past weekend was spent on our couch watching General Conference, with Lolly and Nik. 

We are in denial that we have to scrape our windshield. It is going to make us late for work because it takes forever. 

Today, Nik represented the company he worked for in LA in the university Career Fair. It was practice for our kids' science fairs. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fires and Flat Tires

Last week, Nik had to surrender his beloved computer to the Mac doctors. It kept shutting off or something. I'm not sure. 

One night, we had been doing homework together on the couch and out of the blue Nik would said sadly, "I just feel like a part of me is missing." We're crazy busy with school! We barely see each other! Of course it feels like a piece of him is missing! I scooched closer to him, and leaned in, ready to absorb the compliment and then he continued with, "Do you think the Mac store will call tomorrow?" 

Finally, he got the call that his second wife was fixed and all ready to come home. Nik was busy with work and school all day, and it was an online class day for me... So I couldn't really come up with a better excuse than, "I can't, these Project Runway episodes aren't going to watch themselves!"
Nik took the Jetta to school, and my plan was to walk to the school, pick up the car, and drive to Idaho Falls to get the computer. 

I had not thought this plan through. I forgot about the box. 

The iMac's needs to be transported in this obnoxiously large box. This box took up half of the space of our car when we moved. 

I had to carry this box the size of myself to campus. 

It looked like I was lugging an iMac to campus for my school work. Then the powerful Rexburg wind would lift the box into the air, and then I was the girl wrangling a computer box with the wind. People stopped, the gawked, the questioned if I needed help. 

But then Nik and his computer we're reunited and all was rightin the(ir) world. 

...Until we realized I had forgotten to put air in the tire before I drove. Nik was responsible for putting on the spare, and now we have a set of four new tires. 

This week I also was Nik's assistant for a lofty graphic design assignment. 

He had to make an unexpected type. Unlike a normal student, Nik couldn't just take something in the kitchen and make letters. This particular night, we were using food coloring in water. 

It took like four hours. My assistance was exchanged for a sampling of Nik's ice cream. 

Unluckily for him, I only eat out all the mini Reeses. 
The  project didn't even work. The only thing we accomplished was using all my food coloring that I probably would have used at some point, if I actually liked colored baked goods. But still, I like having a prepared kitchen, even for things I never plan on making. 

Thursday night, our apartment greeted me with an annoying chirping, resulted from the smoke detector being disabled...and then a small hint of smoke...and no sign of Nik...

Apparently, hand sanitizer lit on fire makes an exciting unexpected type. 

I don't know if Nik was a pyro before LA or after five months of hanging out with firefighters. 

Something that has made me happy is walking into scenes like this: 

I love finding make-shift studios around our house.