Friday, January 25, 2013

A Husband in AZ

Nik being in Arizona for five days meant...

1. Spending the grocery budget on the food I like. And then eating half a family size container of hummus in a day.

2. Watching an entire season of 30 Rock. Without even realizing it.

3. Skyping until we have nothing left to talk about.

4. Being terrified any time I heard a creak in our house at night. 

5. Texting romantic bizarre pictures back and forth to update each other. 
Wake up call. 
The mopiest. 
Doesn't ever man want to be updated on current holiday home decor?
The aftermath of sleeping in contacts...creepy eye infection.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Moments

Five moments from this week I don't want to forget:

Completely unrelated picture. 
1. In the past, having a dream about losing my teeth normally leaves me stressed when I wake up. On Tuesday, having a dream about losing my teeth when we don't have dental insurance caused me to wake up in a sweat of panic to check if all my teeth were intact.

2. On Monday, Rexburg had a little power outage. After three hours of our heat not being on, the temperature of our house slowly began creeping down. Upon trying to rouse  Nik (the president of anti-morning club) out of bed to get ready for our day, he dramatically exclaims, "I can't... I'm providing for this family by keeping this bed warm." Right.

3. An adorable Relief Society get-to-know-you activity. Everyone brought a shoe that described them best. My teal suede flat looked ridiculous next to all the others. 

4. The beautiful fluffy snow that sprinkled down at the beginning of the week, causing me to quote Despicable Me aaaaall day in my head. Seriously though, fat snowflakes sifted down all day. Our front yard looked like someone tossed a layer of stuffing over it. 

I'm sorry if kissy photos offend you.
5. Rediscovering a wedding photo I'd never paid much attention to and loving it. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Thing About Cats...

I kinda have this thing for cats. Like I really, really love them. Always have.


There are stray cats all over Rexburg. Particularly, two houses down from us there is a hundred year old log cabin on a large piece of land, which is flooded with dozens of inbred cats. They look cute from far away, and then if you get within five feet of them something about their faces is a little.... off. I admire them from afar, but have learned to avoid those little monsters.

However, whenever we are driving around town if we see a cat, I make Nik pull over and let me try to lure it over to me. Most of the time, the scene ends with me chasing some feral cat through the snow in flats. Actually petting one is rare. Meanwhile, Nik stays in the car, ashamed of his cat-loving wife.

This Saturday, while on a journey to the outskirts of Rexburg to buy a microwave (hallelujah! finally), we saw a cat sitting on a skateboard. Obviously, I had to pet her. After purchasing our much needed microwave, I made Nik pull over to the yard I saw the cat in. When we approached the house I realized we had hit the kitty jackpot...a mama kitty with two babies. Trying to disguise my eagerness, I sauntered over to the kitties trying to coax them over to me. and. it. worked. All three came up to me, and begged for my attention, which I had plenty to offer. One mama kitty and two kittens (kittens!), seriously I live for these kind of kitty moments. Our feline fiesta was interrupted when a man approached the driveway. The quickest way to feel like a creep is to get caught in someone's yard with their two kittens in your hands. I tried to defend myself by offering, "Uhhh... I just really love cats." He quickly told me, "If you want 'em, take 'em. Both of them, please."

"Can we keep her?"
No, seriously, can we keep her?

Our list for not having a cat is pretty darn long (which makes one member of our family happy), so we didn't end up getting her. But seriously... look at that face.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Acting on Impulse

Spontaneity is not a characteristic of mine. If by Friday afternoon no date plans are made, I can guarantee you will find us playing seven rounds of Uno followed by a Netflix date accompanied with chocolate chips.

So last Thursday night when the idea popped into my head, "Why don't you take classes this semester?" it was unfamiliar how comfortable I felt with the idea. For months, Nik and I had been banking on a break this semester. We are both off-track this semester, and reveled in the thought of having a semester together just working without classes to worry about.

But that little question sparked my curiosity, and I logged into my school account to discover that because of my credit amount I could register for any 300 level classes or higher the very next day (two days before the semester started).

 The most school related series of photos I could find. Your welcome. 

So here I am, my third day into my spontaneous semester. For some this may seem like a small accomplishment, but for me this new surprise semester is accompanied by a sense of pride for taking on a full load of upper level classes with a part-time job, a brand new SEO internship, and managing two houses on such short notice. I may be more impulsive than I thought. But this Friday night we'll most likely find ourselves sorting through cruddy Netflix movies, begging one another to just make a decision and choose one, passing a bag of chocolate chips back and forth.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Break

Our recent trip to California taught me something: we need to take more pictures. The problem is I always discourage Nik from bringing his camera places because I am needy and would rather have him holding my hand, than playing with a camera the whole time.

Anyways, we were able to celebrate Christmas early in Rexburg. We received our big gifts (knives for me, headphones for Nik) and opened stocking stuffers that we couldn't carry on the plane.

Kitty ornament Christmas tree

Suave advertisement

Then when in California, we took a trip to San Francisco. Nik had never (really) been there, so with my dad as our chauffeur  and tour guide we went to Pier 39 and the Golden Gate Bridge. I think Nik is catching onto how much my family loves food, considering we spent the majority of the afternoon talking about my dad's favorite places to eat and went on an extended hunt for  gelato in North Beach. Then later that night, when in Okland for a wedding we went to True Burger  and stuffed our faces...even though we had already eaten dinner at the reception.

Friday, January 4, 2013


I'm not one to celebrate insignificant anniversaries, and don't have any plans on starting to. However, watching months accumulate in our first year of marriage is exciting, because on campus we are breaking out of the 'newlywed club'.  Whenever people would ask, "How long have you been married?" And I would respond some number less than six months, they give me a look and smirk, "That's cute...newlyweds!" And we are soooo close to breaking out of the newlywed club.

Smashing cake in the face was not an option. 

We did not take enough pictures on our honeymoon. 

Nik exposing another hidden talent resulting from his (what I have dubbed) good-at-everything-syndrome.

DDR baffles me. 

Some little memories not recorded from August-January:
  • Returning every single wedding gift given to us, to make room for a TV in the Jetta, and then repurchasing them all
  • Honeymooning in San Diego: driving to three different Panda Express locations the GPS led us to (only to find out they were closed) beach everyday, finding a three legged cat we both actually liked, largest farmers market ever, seeing a panda in real life at the zoo, finishing two books while Nik made a dent in one
  • Being surprised moving into our completely move-in adorable apartment, courtesy of Nik
  • Making incredible friends in our new ward, creating an endless supply of double dates and plenty of game nights
  • Unintelligible things we catch each other sleep talking
  • Nik scooting his desk over to mine every MWF during our Comm 140 class to hold my hand, he did it so often the guy who sat in front of him would sometimes do it for him
  • Surprising each other with a clean kitchen (the nicest gift you can give when you have neither a garbage disposal or dish washer)

Cheers to five months!

Freebie: Deer Silhouette

Click the link below to get full size. 

We've been meaning to fill a bunch of empty frames above our fireplace, and I'm finally getting around to it. I'm always on the lookout for a nice freebie print, and considering this took five minutes with a pen tool in Illustrator it's crazy how much people charge for it on Etsy. Just click on this, save to get the original size, print at a place with nice matte paper, and frame!