Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Acting on Impulse

Spontaneity is not a characteristic of mine. If by Friday afternoon no date plans are made, I can guarantee you will find us playing seven rounds of Uno followed by a Netflix date accompanied with chocolate chips.

So last Thursday night when the idea popped into my head, "Why don't you take classes this semester?" it was unfamiliar how comfortable I felt with the idea. For months, Nik and I had been banking on a break this semester. We are both off-track this semester, and reveled in the thought of having a semester together just working without classes to worry about.

But that little question sparked my curiosity, and I logged into my school account to discover that because of my credit amount I could register for any 300 level classes or higher the very next day (two days before the semester started).

 The most school related series of photos I could find. Your welcome. 

So here I am, my third day into my spontaneous semester. For some this may seem like a small accomplishment, but for me this new surprise semester is accompanied by a sense of pride for taking on a full load of upper level classes with a part-time job, a brand new SEO internship, and managing two houses on such short notice. I may be more impulsive than I thought. But this Friday night we'll most likely find ourselves sorting through cruddy Netflix movies, begging one another to just make a decision and choose one, passing a bag of chocolate chips back and forth.


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