Friday, January 4, 2013


I'm not one to celebrate insignificant anniversaries, and don't have any plans on starting to. However, watching months accumulate in our first year of marriage is exciting, because on campus we are breaking out of the 'newlywed club'.  Whenever people would ask, "How long have you been married?" And I would respond some number less than six months, they give me a look and smirk, "That's cute...newlyweds!" And we are soooo close to breaking out of the newlywed club.

Smashing cake in the face was not an option. 

We did not take enough pictures on our honeymoon. 

Nik exposing another hidden talent resulting from his (what I have dubbed) good-at-everything-syndrome.

DDR baffles me. 

Some little memories not recorded from August-January:
  • Returning every single wedding gift given to us, to make room for a TV in the Jetta, and then repurchasing them all
  • Honeymooning in San Diego: driving to three different Panda Express locations the GPS led us to (only to find out they were closed) beach everyday, finding a three legged cat we both actually liked, largest farmers market ever, seeing a panda in real life at the zoo, finishing two books while Nik made a dent in one
  • Being surprised moving into our completely move-in adorable apartment, courtesy of Nik
  • Making incredible friends in our new ward, creating an endless supply of double dates and plenty of game nights
  • Unintelligible things we catch each other sleep talking
  • Nik scooting his desk over to mine every MWF during our Comm 140 class to hold my hand, he did it so often the guy who sat in front of him would sometimes do it for him
  • Surprising each other with a clean kitchen (the nicest gift you can give when you have neither a garbage disposal or dish washer)

Cheers to five months!


  1. Yay! Cheers to Sara & Nik! You guys are my favorites. And I love reading your posts. Keep it up.

  2. I feel the same about DDR. Haha

  3. Sara! I had no idea you had a blog! I love it! So cute!

  4. Sara you have such a passionate soul and I'm so happy you found love. I would love to get in touch catch up see how you have been since high school.