Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Moments

Five moments from this week I don't want to forget:

Completely unrelated picture. 
1. In the past, having a dream about losing my teeth normally leaves me stressed when I wake up. On Tuesday, having a dream about losing my teeth when we don't have dental insurance caused me to wake up in a sweat of panic to check if all my teeth were intact.

2. On Monday, Rexburg had a little power outage. After three hours of our heat not being on, the temperature of our house slowly began creeping down. Upon trying to rouse  Nik (the president of anti-morning club) out of bed to get ready for our day, he dramatically exclaims, "I can't... I'm providing for this family by keeping this bed warm." Right.

3. An adorable Relief Society get-to-know-you activity. Everyone brought a shoe that described them best. My teal suede flat looked ridiculous next to all the others. 

4. The beautiful fluffy snow that sprinkled down at the beginning of the week, causing me to quote Despicable Me aaaaall day in my head. Seriously though, fat snowflakes sifted down all day. Our front yard looked like someone tossed a layer of stuffing over it. 

I'm sorry if kissy photos offend you.
5. Rediscovering a wedding photo I'd never paid much attention to and loving it. 

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