Monday, January 14, 2013

The Thing About Cats...

I kinda have this thing for cats. Like I really, really love them. Always have.


There are stray cats all over Rexburg. Particularly, two houses down from us there is a hundred year old log cabin on a large piece of land, which is flooded with dozens of inbred cats. They look cute from far away, and then if you get within five feet of them something about their faces is a little.... off. I admire them from afar, but have learned to avoid those little monsters.

However, whenever we are driving around town if we see a cat, I make Nik pull over and let me try to lure it over to me. Most of the time, the scene ends with me chasing some feral cat through the snow in flats. Actually petting one is rare. Meanwhile, Nik stays in the car, ashamed of his cat-loving wife.

This Saturday, while on a journey to the outskirts of Rexburg to buy a microwave (hallelujah! finally), we saw a cat sitting on a skateboard. Obviously, I had to pet her. After purchasing our much needed microwave, I made Nik pull over to the yard I saw the cat in. When we approached the house I realized we had hit the kitty jackpot...a mama kitty with two babies. Trying to disguise my eagerness, I sauntered over to the kitties trying to coax them over to me. and. it. worked. All three came up to me, and begged for my attention, which I had plenty to offer. One mama kitty and two kittens (kittens!), seriously I live for these kind of kitty moments. Our feline fiesta was interrupted when a man approached the driveway. The quickest way to feel like a creep is to get caught in someone's yard with their two kittens in your hands. I tried to defend myself by offering, "Uhhh... I just really love cats." He quickly told me, "If you want 'em, take 'em. Both of them, please."

"Can we keep her?"
No, seriously, can we keep her?

Our list for not having a cat is pretty darn long (which makes one member of our family happy), so we didn't end up getting her. But seriously... look at that face.

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