Saturday, February 2, 2013

Around This House...

Low quality phone pictures to show recent excitement. 

After six months of a Target comforter (that when we purchased, I loved... but have grown to hate its lack of warmth and gross quality) we bought a duvet cover. Our poor duvet had been sitting its plastic bag waiting for a beautiful cover. A generous Amazon giftcard I received for Christmas assisted the impulse purchase. I'm in love. 

This decorative display belongs to the house we live in, and resides in the hall that leads to the laundry room and storage. It's pastel colors and cute animal theme take be back to another decade I'm pretty sure I wasn't around for. When Nik was in Arizona, late at night I was moving the vacuum back into this hall, when this satanic shelf fell on me and all the pieces scattered everywhere. It scared/frustrated me so badly I never cleaned it up. I came home two days ago to find all the pieces placed back on it. The way it is organized has Nik's name all over it, as well as the kitty cut out that is hidden from display on the middle right shelf.