Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LA Through My Phone

For months and months Nik and I waited to hear if he was going to get approved for an internship in LA. The position was through the Los Angeles County Fire Department as a video intern. Because the position was through a government department, it caused a lot of budget hurdles to jump through in order for him to get officially hired. It didn't seem like it was going to happen, and then somehow things started moving and what seemed far-fetched for so long became a reality. The reality being, "Shoot, are we going to have to move to LA in like a week?" Mind you, this was right before a new semester of school was about to start. Nik was flown out once the position was almost approved, and I packed our house up, moving boxes in our teeny Jetta to our storage unit one trip at a time. A week later we were on our way to LA, and I wasn't thrilled. The move was abrupt, and all my classes needed to be dropped, putting me one semester behind. Heading down the I-15, LA greeted us with palm trees. The Bay Area girl in me was not excited, I wanted green rolling hills covered in Oaks. 

Around three weeks in LA I turned to Nik and said, "I could really see us living here." He claims I said it at The Grove, and that the malls convinced me to live here. I recall saying it at church, and that the diversity of the people convinced me. Quality shopping and a melting pot culture are apparently the desires of my heart. 

In the three months living here we tried to cram in as much fun as possible. We whip out our phones and snap pictures in these activities, so here is LA according to my phone:

As Arrested Development was prepping to launch on Netflix they were doing a nationwide tour with the banana stand and the Bluth mobile stairs. I had been following on twitter, hoping to go to the banana stand. We happened upon this at the Grove instead. 

I've made a big list of food we need to try while here. (Nik has tried about five times more than me because he works Downtown and goes to lunch.) Sprinkles Icecream was at the top of my list and the most disappointing. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt (but not our money again), and assume the cupcakes were having a rare dry day. 

Beautiful Downtown Culver City. 

Since here, we've celebrated three birthdays:

Sophie turned two. 

I turned twenty-one. 

And Nik turned twenty-four. 

I've also loved the museums:

View from The Getty. 

Page Museum 

And most recently (for the Lincoln-obsessed Nik's birthday) we viewed the Lincoln exhibit at the Ronald Reagan museum. 

Also, lots and lots of beach trips:

While it feels like we've spent a lot of time driving (in traffic) all over having fun, we've also had a lot of nights that looks like this:

Marriage reality. Sorry, not sorry.