Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Little Bit of Lately

We finally ventured downtown for date night at Chego. Each weekend when we'd be making plans Nik would offer one suggestion, "Chego."

When I would ask Nik what kind of food to expect, he couldn't accurately describe his experience. He'd respond, "I don't know... It's just good." The "good" standard has also been used to describe half-baked cookies taken out of the oven. (Nik's obvious solution to when all cookie dough has been licked from the bowl.)

So I went with an open mind. 

And then had my mind blown:

Hands down, the best thing I've eaten in LA. Whenever we go out to eat, I normally can guess all ingredients and make some variation at home. These meals? Absolutely not. I didn't even know what we were eating. It was just good

This summer I've been inhaling books with all my free time. I may still be a fifteen year old girl, because Divergent has been one of my favorite I've read. 

Crazy Uncle Nik providing bath time entertainment. 

Nik has a talent for leaving miscellaneous items in his pockets. I think his intention is to line his pockets with high risk items to keep laundry interesting. Pens that will leak dark ink onto all of my clothes and flash drives with entire semesters of work on them that aren't backed up. 

Our keys had been MIA for a while. We lost them on a day we had both been using them, providing the perfect situation for us both to turn to each other accusingly, "Well you had them last." 

This week, as I switched our clothing from the washing machine to dryer I heard a heavy clunk, and metal scraping metal. Not a pleasant sound when doing laundry for your pocket-hoarding-husband. The keys revealed themselves from underneath the damp clothing. The keys with a 32 G flash drive on the key ring. 

Somehow the flash drive made it through a permanent press cycle unharmed. The same cannot be sad for our automatic lock and unlock.

We can't decide which is worse. 

Lastly, when we were first married we were given the advice, "When you play board games you aren't married." And we were like, "What?! Weirdest advice ever." 

One year later, we are addicted to Monopoly Deal and it's shed some light on this advice. I know we're encouraged to seek out "wholesome recreational activities" to strengthen our families, but honestly this game might be doing more harm than good. (Because no one could possible win as much as Nik without cheating. Not because I'm a sore loser or anything.)

However, I would totally recommend the game. 

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