Friday, August 2, 2013

LA Through Nik's Phone

Nik has explored a lot more than I have. LA County is massive, and through his job he has been all over the place. But I get to sleep in everyday. (You win some, you lose some.) 

The Food:

The man is on a mission to eat as much delicious food he can get his hands on. He has consumed most likely his body weight in burgers. But his favorite is Chego, which serves Asian Latin hybrid dishes. He brings it up in every conversation about food, and tries to convince everyone to make the drive to get it. We have yet to go together, but I'm sure Nik will take care of that. 

The Fun:

Screenings are perfect for us because the combine our two favorite types of dates: a movie (him) and not spending money (me). 

Santa Monica

Venice (on Memorial weekend, so busy)

The Film:

So. Much. Video. 

Nik never stops. Between the County and freelance, there is always something to be filmed or edited. There have been a lot of early mornings and even more late nights. 

Seriously, THIS is what is life consists of:

Editing zombie mode. 

I can't even complain about the constant work flow, because there are so many more moments where it is like, "My husband gets to do something he loves everyday... and get paid for it."  How many people get a blessing like that?

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