Friday, September 6, 2013

Ending LA With a Bang

We went out with a bang:

This is the second time this has happened to me. 

I wish I were kidding. 

Craving a warm, crusty bread to accompany our dinner I decided to test out a recipe one of friends had made. The recipe required water to be poured into a broiler pan, but our broiler pan is in a drawer at the bottom of the oven. (It is a gas oven.) So I placed a Pyrex in with the pizza stone. (Idiot.) The second the water hit the 450 degree Pyrex pan it exploded. 

I don't know which is luckier: the fact that this has happened to me twice and I have both eyes, or that there were two other rising loaves that could be baked after glass shards were cleaned out of oven. 

In actuality we didn't really leave with an exciting whirlwind of events. We had completed four months of fun, and between packing we just wanted a relaxed week. 

One of my favorite tricks my sister-in-law showed me: LA libraries have an insanely large amount of DVDs. It's like Redbox but free. Basically, by paying taxes we have a much better Netflix subscription. 

I saw two of these faux-J. Crews while in LA. And I cannot find someone to appreciate it as much as me! It's not like we were in Chinatown or something... These were in regular malls. 

We can't wait to (hopefully) move back. 

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