Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fires and Flat Tires

Last week, Nik had to surrender his beloved computer to the Mac doctors. It kept shutting off or something. I'm not sure. 

One night, we had been doing homework together on the couch and out of the blue Nik would said sadly, "I just feel like a part of me is missing." We're crazy busy with school! We barely see each other! Of course it feels like a piece of him is missing! I scooched closer to him, and leaned in, ready to absorb the compliment and then he continued with, "Do you think the Mac store will call tomorrow?" 

Finally, he got the call that his second wife was fixed and all ready to come home. Nik was busy with work and school all day, and it was an online class day for me... So I couldn't really come up with a better excuse than, "I can't, these Project Runway episodes aren't going to watch themselves!"
Nik took the Jetta to school, and my plan was to walk to the school, pick up the car, and drive to Idaho Falls to get the computer. 

I had not thought this plan through. I forgot about the box. 

The iMac's needs to be transported in this obnoxiously large box. This box took up half of the space of our car when we moved. 

I had to carry this box the size of myself to campus. 

It looked like I was lugging an iMac to campus for my school work. Then the powerful Rexburg wind would lift the box into the air, and then I was the girl wrangling a computer box with the wind. People stopped, the gawked, the questioned if I needed help. 

But then Nik and his computer we're reunited and all was rightin the(ir) world. 

...Until we realized I had forgotten to put air in the tire before I drove. Nik was responsible for putting on the spare, and now we have a set of four new tires. 

This week I also was Nik's assistant for a lofty graphic design assignment. 

He had to make an unexpected type. Unlike a normal student, Nik couldn't just take something in the kitchen and make letters. This particular night, we were using food coloring in water. 

It took like four hours. My assistance was exchanged for a sampling of Nik's ice cream. 

Unluckily for him, I only eat out all the mini Reeses. 
The  project didn't even work. The only thing we accomplished was using all my food coloring that I probably would have used at some point, if I actually liked colored baked goods. But still, I like having a prepared kitchen, even for things I never plan on making. 

Thursday night, our apartment greeted me with an annoying chirping, resulted from the smoke detector being disabled...and then a small hint of smoke...and no sign of Nik...

Apparently, hand sanitizer lit on fire makes an exciting unexpected type. 

I don't know if Nik was a pyro before LA or after five months of hanging out with firefighters. 

Something that has made me happy is walking into scenes like this: 

I love finding make-shift studios around our house. 

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