Sunday, September 15, 2013

Making Our Way Back

Nik's position with the county ended August 30th, and our housing contract in Idaho didn't start until September 9th. So we had almost two weeks of limbo. We drove up north to spend a few days in the Bay. 

Driving through central California our phones began buzzing and beeping furiously with Emergency Alerts. 

We did not take them seriously. 

And then out of nowhere in Bakersfield the sky sobbed. 

While at home my catch phrase was, "These are my people," whenever my family would make the type of decisions that I always do. 

For example, Nik is not impressed by my habit to live by the motto 'early to bed.' As ten o'clock swoops in, he'll hear the sound of me brushing my teeth and gasp, "Are you serious?!" 

At the Barnard house, when ten o'clock rolled in shuffling feet in pajamas and sinks running water for face washing and teeth brushing echoed in the house. Confused Nik asked, "You guys aren't seriously going to bed right now." Yes we were. These are my kinda people!

And then this happened:

Lauren and I wearing the exact same pants (including size), purchased independently. 

In the week spent at San Ramon, we filled it with typical activities:

There was cat snuggling. 

And lots of hikes to get my needed dosage of green, tree lined hills. 

Beach attendance. 

A trip to the city, including a scramble to watch Dad compete in some corporate race with thousands of people to potentially trample us. 

The third wheel. (Nik, not Lauren.)

At 4 A.M. on Friday morning (one of us went to bed early) we hopped in our beloved Jetta and headed out to Utah. 

A massive fire left sky smokey all through the Tahoe area, creating a stunning sunrise and filling our car with a scent that made both of us nostalgic for camping. (Or in my case, s'mores or Dutch oven cake. Whichever.)

In Utah, Nik dropped me off at my sister's house for a girls' night but I spent the night with Kate Middleton instead:

For our last location, we headed up to Logan to spend the night at Nik's grandma's house. At this point, I was a big whiner and was done with constantly packing and keeping everything in our Jetta. 

BUT then we finally made it to Idaho! And all the hours driving through heinous Nevada, frustrating moments searching through our tiny car for clean clothes, and constant unpacking and packing were worth it:

Because THIS is the view from our bedroom window in our new apartment. 

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