Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Weeks Down

Does time move slower in Idaho? These past two weeks have sucked the life out of us. Between the unpacking our storage unit, hauling it up to our 3rd floor apartment (Nik-the-large-furniture-moving-husband hates every. single. stair.) and the (should be) Olympic sport of furnishing an entire apartment in a week we're pooped. 

Exhausting furniture shopping provides a prime mood to test out couches. (We ended up buying this one.) 

And then we had to start school. Our school supplies had to be dusted off. Nik hasn't been in school since Fall 2012, and jumped back in with very project heavy classes (aka time consumers), is working for the school's AV team, while maintaining weekends packed with freelance. Meanwhile, my (new!) job doesn't start until next week, and two of my classes are online. Half the time Nik comes home panting from exhaustion (third story apartment) to discover me lounging on the couch on my computer. I always have to clarify, "I swear, it's not what it looks like.. I've been working hard all day on my online classes." 

 I can't believe it's taken me seven semesters to jump onboard the online classes train. For instance: Below is my Tuesday/Thursday outfit. Sold. Bonus: They also require a lot of participation to help achieve the "classroom group discussion" feel, and you can literally feel the mandatory-ness of it radiating from the screen. Something about trying to spice the group discussion boards with wit and enthusiasm brings me a lot of satisfaction. (I should probably pick up some sort of hobby.)

Our apartment is on its way to being completed. Mainly, because Nik is my personal furniture assembler, picture frame hanger, and heavy lifter. 

"I didn't do any of this!"

Presently, outside of my bland online group discussion boards, a large source of happiness is coming from the fact that my little sister has begun her freshman year here. 

We are taking a religion class together, and I cannot describe how good it feels to look over to her to when someone says something hilarious or uncomfortable. Or both. All we have to do is exchange a look, and know exactly what the other person is thinking. It's like the passing notes in middle school. 

The first day in our class, I had to haul it quickly up a hill from my previous class to get there on time. Rexburg is in that awesome transition into Fall, where it's like thirty degrees in the morning, and then eighty in the afternoon. By the time I arrived to class, I was sweating and parched. Upon entering the classroom, I walked up to Lauren and asked, "Hey, can I see your water bottle?" and then proceeded to drink out of it. Some guy sitting next to us, assuming we were just classmates, gawked "Oh my gosh, you're just going to drink out of her water bottle?" Neither of us responded.

Permanent library study buddy.

Showing Rexburg off to Lauren has been one of my favorite parts of being back. For three years, this had been my town. The town in which I took my first step into adulthood, met and fell in love with my husband, and started our little family unit of two in... And now I get to share it with my baby sister! It feels so good.

Also, it's extremely amusing to watch guys check her out on campus and her show complete disinterest. Including our horrified water bottle classmate. 

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