Friday, October 11, 2013


I remembered Rexburg being windy, but these past few weeks Mother Nature has been a bit dramatic. Like fifty-miles-per-hour dramatic. I'm not sure if it's our new location up on a hill, but sometimes walking out to the car we literally have to shout over the wind to hear one another. It's comical now, but won't be in a month when the wind carries snow in it. It will not be funny then at all. 

The wind makes our walk to church entertaining. 

This past weekend was spent on our couch watching General Conference, with Lolly and Nik. 

We are in denial that we have to scrape our windshield. It is going to make us late for work because it takes forever. 

Today, Nik represented the company he worked for in LA in the university Career Fair. It was practice for our kids' science fairs. 

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