Saturday, November 23, 2013


Our season is in a chilly transition. Where a month ago we had already brought out our warmest winter coats, and now that the temperature has dropped an additional twenty degrees we don't know what to do. 

This past week in school is has felt like everyone had checked out mentally because of the upcoming break. It was baaaad. But on Friday it was a professor's birthday and we surprised him wearing party hats and balloons scattered all over the classroom. Perfect to help gain momentum to work through to Tuesday when Thanksgiving break will start. 

Friday night (after months of waiting) we saw Hunger Games! It was a triple date that ended at Dairy Queen, but felt like third wheeling it with these three. 

For the last four months our living room walls have been bare. Nik reeeeally wanted to do a photo wall. But the project kept getting put on the back burner. Instead of us editing and printing the photos, we found a company (in Idaho, no less) to print Instagram photos for us. Nik spent an hour taping everything up today, and our front room finally feels finished. 

Lastly, all of Nik's wildest dreams came true today in the cereal aisle of Walmart. That is one thing I will miss when we move from Idaho, dirt cheap cereal. 

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