Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 Reasons I Love The Snow

Yesterday was this winter's first big snow.  There have been dustings of powder here and there, but yesterday was the big dump. It can be classified as "the first big snow" because:

Everyone posted a picture. 

On the hill we live on there were four cop cars because of the inevitable accidents. 

It was enough snow that it won't melt off. We're in it for the long haul now. 

Because this is our last (hopefully, if everything goes according to 'the plan') winter with snow, I've decided to approach these frozen temperatures with an attitude of optimism. (Doesn't everyone love winter in December, though? Let's see if I make it to February...)

Here are ten reasons I love the snow:

1. Everyone starts driving like me. Slower. More cautious. Creeeeping out into intersections. 

2. Silence from the padding a fresh layer of snow provides. (Not to be outdone by the loud snow plows at four in the morning though.)

3. Layers! I love a thermal under a sweater, under a coat, topped off with a scarf, hat and gloves. (And tights and wool socks worn under pants.) I think my only form of cardio in the winter is taking all my layers on and off every time I transition from outside to inside.

4. Ice! Moonwalking on ice. Avoiding ice. Slipping on ice. Watching everyone walk like a shaky toddler over a patch of ice on campus. And the inevitable eating it on ice. There have been times where I have fallen, and then literally cannot find my footing to get up it is so slippery. There's something hilarious about the unspoken rule of you're allowed to laugh when someone falls (assuming they aren't hurt),  but then you should offer to help them up. 

5. Christmas music accompanied by snow outside! I mean... come on, can't be topped. 

6. Watching Nik scrape the ice off of our car. Last winter, we had the luxury of a garage. This winter, Nik is enduring his fair share of finger numbing scraping. I get an emotion that is a cross between pride and 'I-am-so-glad-you-are-doing-that-instead-of-me' watching him.

7. The blanket of white causes light to reflect like crazy at night. It actually is kind of annoying when trying to fall asleep. (I need a pitch black room.) But it makes middle of the night bathroom and drink trips less dangerous. 

8. Snowmen pop up everywhere. Every winter Nik says, "You know, I've never built a snowman." And then we say something like, "We should do that this winter! Yeah! Fun date idea!!!!" And then every winter we never build a snowman. Because it is freezing outside. 

9. Did I mention that snow and frost are gorgeous?! When viewed from the inside of a warm car (while Nik scrapes off ice) or apartment.

10. The camaraderie that winter builds between everyone it effects. Even our cars this morning was like, "Nooooo, it is too cold. Please don't make me do this." As it sputtered and clanked its engine on. 

Winter 2014 the Hill family is ready for you! 

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  1. So awesome to see a very familiar place I know and love on a very random blog I happened on to today!! :) THanks for posting the winter pictures! I love Idaho and especially that area :)