Monday, January 20, 2014


I'm a monster! I can't help but take a picture every night and morning of the view that greets us when we walk out of our apartment. On a related note, I find it extremely concerning that the sun is always makes its entrance when we leave in the morning, and its exit when we come home. 95% of the time we spend in our apartment it is completely dark outside. I am not okay with this. 

Post-holidays have resulted in our nightstands adorned with books. I was dusting our room the other night, and laughed at the differences between the books we read. 

Also, reading books simultaneously prior to going to bed is much more endearing than both of our faces lit up by our phone screens. 

Every winter, during the first snow, Nik dons a pair of shorts in protest. This weekend, he has worn shorts twice. I think this Arizonian is fed up with winter.