Monday, March 3, 2014

Bangs, Bacon, and The Oscars

The end of February and beginning of March have always been a pivotal point in time for me and my hair. (Feel free to skip reading, because apparently I have a lot to say about hair.) Between the wind and the dry cold, my hair takes quite a beating. Last year, I made the (idiotic) choice to dye my hair brown. Except then it turned red. Anyways, despite the long journey back to my natural color, last winter taught me a valuable lesson: Hair color is permanent (and expensive to remove) whereas a hair cut can grow out. So rather than going dark, I made the next obvious choice: bangs. 

I've never had bangs before, mainly because my hairline didn't fully develop until I was in kindergarten. You can't get bangs if you don't have hair for them. 

And then, my hair was too curly for bangs. 

Seriously, this is the amount of thought I put into something as silly as a new haircut. Are all women like this? 

Monday the thought of bangs consumed me so much I ingnored the Thursday appointment I had scheduled, and walked into a salon. In Idaho. I live my life on the edge.

Because of my "never-had-bangs" syndrome, the hairstylist suggested I try side bangs first. Most likely because she didn't want to have a crying client in her chair. I think my 10 minute explanation of the secret bang board I have on Pinterest gave off that vibe. 

So I spent four days with the same haircut everyone had in seventh grade. 

So then Friday, the big cut was made, and group texts were sent for opinions and I think they're here to stay.

Sunday we threw a little Oscar party and like the good host that I am, I didn't take any pictures. The only pictures I have are the ones texted to my family. 

There were "Red Carpet" Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, creme brûlée, and homemade pizza. 

We passed out sheets for everyone to vote for the different categories, and the winner got to take home our one footed gold Ken doll. This made the oscars a thousand more times entertaining to watch. Like, we were actually concerned about who was winning "Sound Editing" vs. "Sound Mixing". I highly recommend this activity to keep guest entertained for three and a half hours. (Plus, Ellen helped.) Unfortunately, and surprisingly the least artistic of the group (me) won. And there's nothing more anticlimactic then a host winning her own prize. Boo. 

Lastly, I've been on an avacado kick. Actually, I'm always on an avacado kick. And today I cut open a perfectly ripe avacado. It was a glorious moment. A moment that needed to be celebrated with bacon. 

The result was a lunch of Nik's dreams. And I felt bad I was enjoying it without him. 

I texted Nik about eating the lunch in his honor to which he replied, "Is all of the bacon gone?"  

The man is protective of his bacon. 

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  1. I love the bangs on you. You totally pull them off! And love the Oscar party ideas, so fun. Wish we could have made it!