Thursday, April 17, 2014

Winter Semester Wrap Up

We made it to the end of April, people. Nik and I survived our busiest semester to date. I think both of us are in shock that we made it out alive. 

The last half of the semester was a crazy busy blur. Mine included two uncomfortably large (70, 80? page) papers to wrap up my internship. Nik's included shooting and editing a six minute short film. 

According to our phone's camera rolls, here is what else happened the second half of the semester:

I wore a trench coat 90% of March because I felt it was the coat that best suited my bangs. These dang bangs that do not complement the Rexburg wind. 

We held poker night and ate cookies. It was the worst round of poker ever. I don't think I'm a fan of Texas Hold Em anymore. If I'm playing a card game, it better be Monopoly Deal. 

I updated the wall in our living room. 

I applied for my passport for an upcoming trip to Mexico with my mom.

Nik destroyed a microwave in our living room, to prep to get a shot from inside a microwave. I think our vacuum is full of led paint chips now. 

In our kitchen:

I have found perfection in the form of a biscuit. When I first made biscuits for Nik I could tell by his reaction that he was not a fan. I am not a competitive person, unless it involves food. It only took a year, but I've converted Nik to my biscuit abilities. When he ate this he said, "It tastes just like KFC." Which on the surface is like super insulting, but Nik always compares the recipes he loves to bad chain restaurants or brands. 

His (raspberries and biscoff) and hers (banana, blueberry, coconut) oatmeal on a lazy Saturday morning.

You can't tell in this picture, but those noodles are made from scratch. I learned to make them with my mother in law when Nik and I were engaged, and every once in a while I get a big craving for comforting homemade noodles. They're actually surprisingly easy to make. 

During the final week of the semester, I was like "Nik, I don't have time for cook. Let's have a fend for yourself night. Just make something quick." We both scrambled around the kitchen, whisking up quick meals. When we sat down to eat, I laughed at the differences between our "quick" meals.