Friday, May 16, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

At the end of Spring Semester, our fourteen week efforts were rewarded with a thrilling treat: watching a Nik's first short film displayed on a theater screen. It was fantastic. Aren't spouses most attractive when you get the chance to see their talents and passions in action? The entire semester we were floored by the amount of effort our friends put into helping Nik complete this big goal. 

We helped my little sister move out of her apartment. Well technically, it was just switching apartments in the same complex. Nik and I, being the impatient  energy efficient couple that we are, attempted to scoop up all of her clothing to move to the floor below. Upon grabbing his arm's worth of clothing, Nik turned to me and commented, "Wow. Lolly has a lot of clothes," and after further inspection continued, "and they are a lot nicer than yours." Thanks, Nik.

We took a trip down to Logan to visit Nik's grandparents. In pursuit of my mission to determine what our future children will look like, I asked if they had any pictures of Nik as a child. I hit the baby picture jackpot. The two above are my two favorite. Chubby cheeks, pinchable arms, big brown eyes, and his strong chin that somehow still manages to suit his baby face. Trying to attempt my express my love for Nik, combined with my desire to be a mother the other day I tactfully said, "I just love you so much I want to have a carbon copy of you to raise." Nik slowly backed away, unsure if he should absorb the compliment or call for help.

The above picture is not, in fact, a child's playdough replica of a crabby patty. It was a dinner. That made me cry. Let me explain. On Instagram there has been this Whole 30 craze, a cleanse in which participants cannot consume the base of my normal diet: sugar in any forms (including honey), gluten, legumes, and dairy for thirty days. It sounds doable. I wish I could have understand how wrong I was. 

On Day One, I began my day with sweet potato hasbrowns, eggs, topped with salsa. So far so good. By Day Four, I had to choke down my eggs. Without cheese, toast, or in the form of a breakfast burritos, eggs quickly lose their appeal. By Day Five, I thought I had the flu. A constant nausea accompanied me throughout the day, but I am not a quitter. I dreamed up a meal that would help me endure this thirty day hell. Teriyaki burgers, topped with pineapple,  on a homemade sweet potato bun would be the solution. The result was horrific. Let me assure you, it was more disgusting than that picture looks, which is no small feat. Standing above the sink, I cried as I tried to eat the "burger", it crumbled in my grip. Apparently the almond flour I had used to bind together the turkey, and in the sweet potato buns was not capable of this. 

The five days I participated in Whole 30 did teach me two things. Firstly, I will not be participating in a cleanse again. If I can't eat the healthy foods that I love like black beans, brown rice, and a big glass of milk it cannot be that good for me. Secondly, the cleanse did teach me how to incorporate more veggies into our meals. (For the record, I will never again make sweet potato buns.)

There is something about Spring that makes me swoon for romance. The Mindy Project may be playing a role in this. The season just ended, but each Tuesday night (or the day after on Hulu) I got to experience twenty-three minutes of mini romantic comedies. Nik would walk in on me watching the show, greeted by my teary-eyed, goofy smiling expression. The above image is my favorite moment of the season, Danny reading Bridget Jone's Diary to Mindy in a British accent. I cried tears of joy from the amount of adorable I was witnessing. 

On Easter Sunday, I entered the kitchen and Nik sat sorting all the orange and yellow Starburst jelly beans from the rest. He explained, "I'm separating the wheat from the tare." After church, we continued an Easter tradition of flying kites. 

In a slightly Easter related theme, while on a Sunday walk, Nik kicked this egg that lay randomly on the soccer field by our house, thinking it was a Cadbury egg. 

While staying at our friend, Tiffany's, house in Salt Lake, our room had a oversized cat book in it. I forced Nik to take a picture with it, and he surprisingly proceeded to read the entire book. Commenting on all the pictures of cats. Cat conversion process: steadily progressing.

This past week, I took a quick trip to Cabo with my mom. My dad was there on business, and she needed a friend to play with. Because I didn't bring a camera, and we didn't have international service, our phones were never with us, I managed to only take one photo of the trip. Memorable moments: seeing two dozen sting ray jumping out of the water by Lover's Beach, the tide catching my mom off guard pushing her down a rock (you had to be there), and the endless amounts of fresh fish we consumed!

For a couple of weeks, before the weather was warm, I began running on the school's indoor track. Some don't enjoy running on a track, but I enjoy the measurable distance and the controlled temperature. I did not enjoy lugging my gym clothes around all day. One day, in my rush, I put my pants on inside out. While passing people on the track, I was overjoyed to be faster than others. At home, I was horrified to see my white tag hanging off of my butt. 

Now that the weather is warm, Nik and I have been running outside recently. Spring is stunning in Rexburg. It is the gift that comes after enduring the grueling winter. On our runs, there are gorgeous green hills and fields that cover our routes. The green is so vibrant it looks fake. I've developed the ability to accomplish things I never thought I could: running over four miles, talking while running, and choosing to run without music. Going on runs together has been the perfect solution to find an hour of uninterrupted time to talk and spend time together.