Friday, July 18, 2014

Spring Semester Catch Up

Let's talk about spring semester. It's stunning. I swear all the money the university invests in keeping the snow off the sidewalks in the winter is then put into the landscape during the spring and summer. Don't quote me on this, but I've actually been grateful to live in a place with such cold winters because you appreciate the warmer temperatures so much more.

A rushed before-we-leave-church-selfie, because as I passed our reflection I laughed at how young we looked this Sunday. Who let these two teenagers get married? It didn't help that the dress I was wearing was purchased when I was fourteen. It looked like I was ready to attend 8th grade promotion. 

Have you ever heard of the Momofuku Crack Pie? Supposedly, it's addictive. After making and bringing one to a dinner party, I don't know how anyone could be addicted to it. Even Nik, who once when I was browning butter stated, "I would love to drink that", after three bites was like, "Wow. This is really rich."

My dad flew out in the middle of June, and we ran the races we had been training for. Nik ran the half marathon, and I ran the 10k. I had trained a lot, while Nik's training had tapered off the month before the race. (And by tapered off, I mean his legs hadn't run in a month the day of the race.) He somehow managed to run it in under two hours, and made it look easy. Meanwhile, despite my training, the 10k was a struggle. I want to avoid using cliches like "It was the hardest thing of my life," or "I thought I was going to die." but somehow those are the only phrases I can think of to describe my race. I could not have done it with my dad, who helped me keep pace and talked to me throughout the entire race, and helped me reach my time goal!

The same weekend my dad came into town, our sister-in-law, niece, and nephew came to Rexburg as well. Looking at my house with them and my dad sitting around chatting was the best. We loved that weekend. By far, the best of the semester. 

Nik has been filming a lot this semester. (What's new?) He's been working on his second short film, working full-time for the AV department on campus, and doing freelance. While watching him work on all of these projects I've learning the following: the production process is slow. Writing scripts is slow. Revising scripts is slow. Making shot lists takes forever. But the slowest thing? Set up and take down on set. It is mindnumbingly slow. Moving equipment in and out of vans is the only form of strength exercise I get though.

We presented our Senior Projects at the end of June. For some reason, that day was extremely stressful for me. It wasn't even presenting my project that was anxiety-inducing. It was the realization that I am going to graduate soon. Terrifying. 

Over 4th of July weekend we drove down to Logan, and picked cherries in Nik's grandma's backyard. Since I've known him, Nik has always described picking cherries as one of his favorite childhood memories. I loved being able to participate in an activity I had heard so much about. Not to mention, we've been eating pounds of cherries for weeks now. 

The other night, we went to Harriman State Park to film a video. We had been there before, when we stayed in yurts, and it was incredible to see the scenery in a different season. The conditions were perfect: setting sun, warm summer weather, stillness of nature, and tall trees. The only downside? The lake was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. While holding equipment with both hands, we were unable to swat away the pesks. We were literally watch them eat us, and couldn't do anything about it. As I felt myself being bit, I promised myself, "I'm not going to itch them, that only makes it worse," of the imminent bites that would result. I lasted like half a day, and presently my dozen or so bites are scratched raw. Worth it.