Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pregnancy: 30 Weeks - 33 Weeks

+ I told Nik the third trimester has been my favorite because I actually have a baby. Things start to get real when a legitimate foot moves underneath your hand. No longer does having a baby seem like an abstract, distant idea. The baby is real and she's making her strength known by playing footsies with my ribs. 

+ Her hiccups are practically on a cycle. 8:00 am, 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, and sometimes at night. 

+ My once super power in abstaining from sweets has left me. I allow myself a treat every night after dinner. Luckily, she is carrying towards my back and my insides are so squished I usually don't even finish my dessert. I pass the the leftovers to Nik. 

+ Due to my irrational fears of being forced to have a C-section I am terrified of her being breech. I constantly track her movements, attempting the baby mapping techniques to figure out how the heck she is positioned. I know her feet are tucked under my ribs, but she switched from my right side to my left. The hardest is trying to determine what is her bum versus her head. Also, where her hiccups are concentrated changes. I'm convinced she is in the transverse position. My doctor isn't big on ultrasounds, but I'm hoping at my next appointment he will be able to tell how she is positioned. In the mean time, you'll find me on my hands and knees trying to get this baby head down. 

+ I never really believed in the whole "nesting" thing, and assumed it wouldn't happen to me. We've had the nursery done for two weeks, and all of her clothes are washed, sorted, and put away. I didn't consider it nesting until my mom pointed it out. One nesting habit I will admit, is I am tidier than I've ever been. I clean the kitchen every night. (I realize that for most people this is already a nightly occurrence.) Nik is over the moon, and will most likely be devastated if this habit is truly hormonal, and stops once the baby comes. 

+ This week was the first time a stranger asked about my pregnancy. But he was a car salesman (literally)... Maybe it was a sales tactic? I thought for sure people would approach me about being pregnant in public, but most often I'm just greeted by stares and then people quickly looking away. We went to the beach last weekend, and children gawked, with actually slack-jaw as I would waddle down to the water. 

+ Despite public strangers not approaching me, people I don't know at my work love making conversation about my pregnancy. They love commenting on my "bump that came out of no where". But honestly, it's easy for the entire office to keep tabs on me because I have to walk past each department to make my hourly treks to the bathroom.