Monday, April 6, 2015

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks - 36 Weeks

+ Fed up with heartburn symptoms, I decided to risk it with Tums. (Calcium kidney stones are aggravated by Tums, so my doctor told me not to take them.) One week later, my old kidney stone  symptoms returned. Not worth it. Choosing the lesser of two evils, and enjoying the heartburn instead.
+ After eight months of baby incubating, I have developed an exclusive new fan club: grandmas in the grocery store. They are the only people comfortable approaching me. I am greeted with, "You must be carrying a girl, she's so high." Or, "You must be carrying a boy, he's so low."
+ I'm obsessed with my nesting hormones. How can I channel them to stay indefinitely? I vacuumed my window screens the other day. WINDOW SCREENS.
+ The night of my baby shower, I came home with my mom and my sister, sorting through gifts in the nursery. I felt that the baby and I were so loved, and the night couldn't get any better. Nik entered the room and said, "Sara, our landlord wants to give us a gift for the baby." (Not gonna lie, my mind first went to, 'FREE RENT?!') But then, reality set in and I thought, 'Maybe like a blanket or something?' Nik continued, "He wants to install a washer and dryer in the apartment." Is that not possibly the kindest gift you could give a new mother?! I was floored by how thoughtful it was. We had our Rexburg washer and dryer when we moved, but there wasn't space or hook-ups for it in our place. In our hall closet, you could tell at one point there was a stack-able washer and dryer in there, from and outlet and drywall. But I had assumed the HOA didn't allow them, to force people to use the community ones. This past week, our landlord has come to measure the closet and get everything set up and I am still over the moon at the thought of throwing the dozens of spit up and baby poop covered blankets and clothes into a washer IN MY OWN HOME.  

+ Tomorrow is my 36 week appointment. My doctor has had a very relaxed attitude my entire pregnancy, and in order to avoid looking like a paranoid first time mother, I've tried to mirror this same attitude. He doesn't measure me or warn me of things to look for. Pretty much every appointment has been weigh in, check blood pressure,  and listen to babies heartbeat. I've only had two ultrasounds, and those were at a separate office. I'm young and healthy, and people have healthy babies all the time. Whenever my worries creep in, I try to remind myself of this. Lately though, I've let more irrational fears creep in because I haven't gained weight in the past two weeks. Is it my fluid levels? Is the baby not gaining weight? I will have to restrain myself from looking neurotic by bombarding him with questions. Also, I have to significantly monitor googling my questions. It never helps. 
+ I would recommend that everyone has their first baby four weeks after your sister does. At 35 weeks, I was desperate to get the baby out. There is no more room for her. Then, my sister had her baby. Getting the hourly updates of how her labor was and seeing that in the end result there will actually be a tiny human for me to take care of, has been enough for me to be content with my babe spending four or five more weeks cooking. It's a lot easier to take care of them while they're on the inside. (However, I still hold to my right to complain to Nik at any time.)

+ I daydream about the baby the same way one would about crushes in middle school. Any free time my mind finds, I occupy it with thoughts of snuggling, feeling her skin, and staring at her face.

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