Sunday, May 3, 2015

Final Pregnancy Thoughts

40 Weeks, required cooling off in the pool. Forced smile for Nik. 

Attempting to walk this baby out at 39 weeks. 
Things I Will Miss About Being Pregnant*:

+ Baby kicks and movement.
+ Hearing her heartbeat each time I go to the doctor.
+ How keenly aware I've seemed to be of my body's/baby's needs. I know my limits. I know when and what to eat. 
+ Watching and feeling her play favorites to Nik, moving anytime he touches my belly.
+ Balanced hormones. I've never felt more like myself. 
+ Constantly being with and taking care of her needs. 

*Should've written this list at 27 weeks, would've been twice as long. 

Things I Won't Miss About Being Pregnant:

+ Paranoid thoughts about the baby's health. (I recognize that this will follow me even with her outside the womb.)
+ Sore ribs. 
+ Sleeping only on my left side, with the elaborate pillow set up. 
+ The effort required to pick up something off the floor, sit down, get out of bed, etc. 
+ Heartburn. 
+ Not eating raw fish. I have given up a surprising number of opportunities in the past nine months. 

Alright, time to show yourself Charlie. 

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