Saturday, June 6, 2015


I just turned 23, and Nik (after four birthdays together) finally asked my favorite birthday question, "What was your favorite part of your 22nd year?" This was a big year for me, probably the biggest year of my life so far. I probably cried, prayed, and grew more in this year than in my whole life. This year was full of:

+ Running my first race. It was only a 10k, and it was seriously hard, one of the hardest things I had every done physically.  (There was a lot of hills, and I was running at a faster pace than I trained for, okay?) 
+ Finding out we were pregnant. 
+ Last minute job offer from Google (two days after finding out about baby). One week to frantically pack everything we own, sell our housing, arrange for us to finish our degrees online, and move back to the Bay Area.
+ Searching for and finding an apartment we love in a location we love. We are completely blessed in this area of our lives. We have a landlord that likes us because he admires that our biggest priority is our family, and treats us kindly. We moved into a neighborhood we adore, and with a ward that is even better than we could have hoped for. Also, I live ten minutes away from my parents. Living the dream!
+ Searching for a full-time job, without my degree, while battling some first trimester nausea.  
+ Finding my first full-time, (kind of) grown up job, two minutes away from our new apartment. (Blessing. Huge blessing.) 
+ Enduring pregnancy. 
+ Falling in love with our local library and reading every book on my Amazon wishlist. 
+ Preparing for birth by passing three kidney stones. 
+Pushing out a baby that weighed two pounds more than my doctors said she would. 
+ Keeping that chubby baby alive for one month.

For my 23rd year, I have a lot of things I want to accomplish, and 99% of them involve Charlie. Probably because she takes up 99% of my brain capacity presently. 

But some unrelated baby goals include: 
+ Run a half marathon.
+ Read a book a week.
+ Save for a four-year anniversary weekend getaway with Nik.
+ Try a new recipe every week. 
+ Blog more often.
+ Invest in activities rather than things. 

I'm really looking forward to this year, mainly because I have to pinch myself because five years ago, even a year ago, I would have been so in love with the life I'm living right now. 

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