Friday, June 5, 2015

The Nursery

I should have written this post when pregnant, so I could gush about how excited I was for little Charlie to dwell in this room that was "such a labor of love" and how I sit in the rocking chair and daydream of her being in that crib. Instead, I am one month postpartum, and know that this room shouldn't be called a nursery. Rather, it should be called, "A Very Expensive Diapering Room" or "The Place We Keep Charlie's Clothes". I don't even nurse in this room. (Wait... is that where the term nursery comes from?) I attempted nursing in the rocking chair the first day I got  home from the hospital, but the angle of the chair put painful pressure on my stitches. So I never developed the habit of nursing in here, so now we're more of a bed or couch nursing duo.

However, I loved planning and decorating this room. I poured for hours over Pinterest and blogs trying to figure out what I wanted to do for it. (Nesting hormones are real.) I struggled for two months, thinking I wanted a blush and grey nursery. I looked at grey suede rocking chairs that everyone and their mom has, and it never got me excited. It wasn't until I gave up the idea of having that girly, soft nursery that I made progress planning. I wanted it to be modern and for there to be a theme of fruit? The room ended up looking falling under the theme of everything else in our house: white, with bright accents. 

These honeycomb shelves are my favorite part of the room. I'd wanted some for a long time, and thought the nursery would be the perfect excuse to force Nik to make them for me. Of course, being the over-planning, perfectionist that he is, Nik took the project way too far. What I assumed would be a Saturday afternoon project, transformed into a two week long marathon of Home Depot trips, wood glue, and this elaborate scheme of ties and brackets to hold it together while it dried. This was followed by Nik beaming, proudly explaining to everyone, "It doesn't even have any screws!" And then two weeks later it feel off the wall and broke.  So now there are screws in it, I think. I actually can't remember. You'd have to ask Nik. Actually, don't mention it. It was pretty traumatic when it broke. 

That changing pad was an embarrassing splurge. Once I was exposed to it, and read reviews I couldn't get it out of my mind. Now that we actually have a baby to use it, it is one of my favorite baby purchases. You can lay screaming Charlie on it and she calms down. I'm not sure if its softness, the way it contours to her body, if it gives off some chemical fumes, or if when she lays on it she recognizes that she has parents willing to buy some ridiculous changing pad for her comfort. WHATEVER IT IS, somehow it calms her down. And, you can wipe down when she pees or poops or spits up, instead of washing a changing pad cover. I AM A KEEKAROO CONVERT. 

Those prints came in a set of three from IKEA, meant for a kitchen. The books are on a shelf from IKEA, and so is that raspberry pillow. Actually... the nursery has a lot of IKEA items in it now that I think about it...

.... like this lamp. We click it on every night, and leave it on for the late night diaper changes. 

I love this kitty, a gift from my parents. Can you force your child to have an attachment to a stuffed animal? I'm going to try. Nik attempted to have her snuggle it the other night, convinced her inability to sleep was the result of needing a body pillow, which (from Nik's perspective) is obviously the only reason someone cannot sleep. (Give the man a body pillow, and he could get a good night's rest anywhere.) 

Pom-poms! Initially, I told Nik I'd keep the nursery as gender neutral as possible, for our future babies. Then I discovered that I needed pom-pom curtains. This is when the nursery officially became a baby girl's. I thought I could make the pom-pom curtains, despite my lack of craftiness, and even pinned some tutorials on Pinterest.  However, after making headbands with my sister, I realized that it is much better to pay people to do crafts for you. So I bought the curtains. I also learned that when curtains come from a nicer place (i.e. not IKEA) you have to buy two curtains? They don't come in a set. 

The dresser is from IKEA. Everyone owns it. I think it is a requirement to buy it after you get married. We spiced it up with some knobs from World Market. Planning this room converted Nik to the wonder that is World Market. (Our home is filled with a surprising amount of items from there.) The baskets were a Home Goods find. I'm so glad I live near a Home Goods. 

The pouf was another World Market purchase. I was thrilled I didn't have to convince Nik that we needed a pouf. I think he wanted it more than I did. And underneath it is the rug that is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. It came folded like a fan, back and forth, and I cannot for the life of me get the wrinkles out of it. I've ironed it, laid books on it to flatten it, everything. The folds will not go away. Every time I enter this room they drive me crazy. 

We're hoping someday this room will transition from 'Overly Planned Dressing Room' to the room where she sleeps and plays. We're trying to convince her of this idea by constantly giving her tours of it. "This is where you will sleep someday!" "These are all your books," and so on. In the meantime, it's fun to have a place we love to change diapers. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing pictures of your nursery! I love every thing you did. I'm so jealous you can get so much from ikea and home goods. And I really like those new diaper changing pad, I like the station Jonas has but he has had far too many accidents to clean up on it haha. I wish I could admire this room in person!