Friday, June 26, 2015

The Ultimate Girls Weekend

I come from a girls family - no brothers, only sisters. This means we really like clothes and cooking and talking. A lot of talking. Ask Nik. Rachel and I got pregnant a month apart and everyone assumed Rachel was having a girl and I was having a boy. We couldn't get lucky and have two girls. We each disguised our disappointment with, "It would be better that way, so they won't be compared." Then we hit the gender jackpot. Two girls.  We were ecstatic, and our bank accounts took a hit. (Girl clothes are so much cuter than boy clothes. ) Two cousins a month a part. By the time they hit six months, you won't be able to tell there's an age difference.

So, almost a year in the making, "the babies" (who the family conversations have revolved entirely around for the past year) were scheduled to finally meet! And to make it the ultimate girls weekend Lolly flew out from Idaho. She hadn't had a chance to meet Charlie yet, despite being home through practically my entire pregnancy. She had endured my food aversions and cravings, complaining, and last trimester - in which I dragged her to the mall and made here try on all the clothes I wished I could fit into. She deserved to meet the reward.

Ugh, these babies. I didn't know that you could love your sibling's child as much as your own. Charlie still has her newborn-ish-ness, but Emma is a full on baby. Gurgling, giggling, baby. It's so fun to watch her meet the milestones Charlie is on the brink of.

Our normal girl's weekend revolve around shopping, eating, and talking. This time it revolved around nursing, napping, and talking. We'd park out in the front yard, nursing and talking for hours. Charlie and Emma were completely oblivious of the cousin meeting magic that was happening. The only semblance of awareness for one another they demonstrated was when Charlie got in the way of Emma's need to wiggle constantly. Meanwhile, all of us were giddy with the excitement of "the babies" being together, forcing them hold hands, lay by one another, and wear matching outfits. It was cousin heaven. I'm predicting an eternity of matching outfits for these two.

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