Friday, July 10, 2015

Fourth of July

I never thought that growing up I lived ten minutes away from my dream town, but Pleasanton has evolved into that. There's adorable houses everywhere, and the cutest downtown area. Whenever we are bored and can't think of anything to do, I make Nik drive me us downtown and we walk around. 

I had seen some sign for a BBQ or something like that event, so we headed over there on the Fourth to check it out. Unfortunately, the event was basically over. Fortunately, Downtown Pleasanton is still adorable. 

Afterwards, we went to a BBQ event with my parent's ward. In which, Charlie's carseat got her so worked up on the way there, Nik and I spent half the event in the car nursing her to calm her down.

The Fourth had always been Nik and my favorite holiday together, because the first semester we dated we celebrated it together. It was such a fun day it set the standard for perfect days. Four years later, we've got a baby and couldn't even watch fireworks because of bedtime. And that's okay, because we will have a lot of firework viewing Fourths in the future. But presently, we are loving walking around our cute town with our cute baby, and that makes for a pretty perfect day. (With the exception of rowdy neighbors lighting of fireworks and waking your baby up.)

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