Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stay Golden

By the time I learned what a golden birthday was, mine had already passed. Totally jipped. Nik, however, has the privilege of being born towards the end of the month, allowing him the opportunity to appreciate the golden birthday experience.

Considering the overwhelming amount of free time I have on my phone when nursing, I researched birthday gifts more than ever before. Based on my personal experience, insane amounts of research do not result in perfect birthday gifts. It did result in me forcing Nik to open all his presents an entire week early because I was so excited about these thoroughly researched gifts. 

Anyways, back to golden birthdays. Nik turned 26 on the 26th. To make it the ultimate birthday, and to take advantage of his fleeting prime, Nik decided to run a marathon on his birthday. As in 26.2 miles on his birthday.  

With a 5:30 race call time, Nik woke up at 4:00 to get to the city. His birthday breakfast was a banana and Cliff bar. Which should probably go down in history as the worst birthday breakfast ever. 

With the invaluable help of my dad, who contributed his car, time, knowledge of the city and marathon-ing in general, the morning went seamlessly.  He knew the course well enough and Nik's time goals, that we caught Nik on his 21st mile. It also happened to be on the block his office is. He looked awesome and in good spirits. Which was a welcome sight, considering we anticipated a chafed, borderline quitting runner.

Watching the faces of the runners passed us solidified my desire to not participate in a marathon. Charlie on the other hand, wanted to fit in with the runners, and proceeded to poop her pants, impressively blowing through all the layers I had bundled her in. 

We were barely able to catch Nik running towards the finish line. The race was huge, so we had to walk through a massive crowd of families and friends to find the finishers. Somehow I got separated from the group, without my phone, and a baby in a carrier with soiled clothes. All was well though, and we found each other. Charlie took one for the team, and only whined as I proceeded to change her on concrete, with cold bay air, in front of approximately ten thousand people. 

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge that Nik trained for a marathon while juggling a newborn at home, a hormonally imbalanced wife, and a new job. Apparently, being 26 makes you insane. 

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