Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Five Months of Charlie

   I think when people express that they "looove babies", what they mean is the "looove five-month-olds", because this age is the best. Charlie is giggly, playful, and absolutely adorable. She's also not entirely mobile, so she's easily contained. She's comforted just by my presence, and has gained the ability to express what she's feeling. The male patterned baldness she suffered from for the past two months has been replaced with a rapidly growing, layer of fluffy blonde hair. She did not inherit my hair, because it is stick straight. And by stick straight, I mean it literally sticks straight up, like chick fluff. 

This month Charlie has learned how to sit up, and can pivot to find any toy she wants. For a month, she's been scooting, but half the time she ended up going backwards. As of this week, she can kind of army crawl towards her toys, but is most motivated by our phones. (Seriously, five-months-old and already tempted by technology?) She is seriously strong, and uses her 18 pound body to its full extent when you are forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do. (Diaper changes, getting dressed, getting in her carseat.) I'm terrified for when she can actually move. My mom keeps reminding me that she had to hold me down with her knee to get me in my carseat. 
She's been able to bear weight on her legs as long as I can remember, so for the past month she spends a little time in her jumper, which she giggles and bounces like crazy in. Charlie doesn't babble consonants, but makes noises as she plays, and her newest trick is her fake cough routine. She started fake coughing a month ago, but recently coughs as she plays, and really does it when she isn't getting her way. (Diaper changes, getting dressed, getting in her carseat.) It's totally fake, and I think it's hilarious. It's hard not to encourage it by coughing back. She's getting better at expressing herself, and it's helped me relax because I can tell when she's being a whiner versus when she actually needs something. 

The biggest change this month has been introducing solids. Because of her allergies, the pediatrician really recommended we waited until six months. But this child has been eyeing our food since she learned how to see! She wriggles like crazy when she sees us eating something, and it was making meal time ridiculous. I bought mesh feeders on Amazon, and now when we sit down to eat I'll pop in some avocado, banana, cooked squash, peaches, watermelon, or whatever we have on hand and give her something to suck onto. It didn't really come as a surprise, but our chunky baby loves to eat and has yet to refuse anything we've offered.When it comes to food in cans and jars, I've always had a hard time. I swear this problem developed from opening disgusting baby food I gave to kids I babysat. So, I made a big batch of baby food and froze it. I feel that whatever I feed Charlie, I should be willing to eat. But seriously, what is it about pureed food that it so gross? Solids was fun for like two days, but now it just feels like a chore. I figure once she gets some teeth we'll try the baby led weaning approach.

Weekends are a competition for Charlie's affection. Nik still gets easy giggles out of her, but I have masted my song and dance routine to get the real belly laughs out of her!

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