Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas and Beach Day

A parent philosophy I've tried to adopt is "Would I do this with my fourth child?" in an attempt to combat my tendency to over think things with Charlie. This may have trickled into typical first-child "firsts". Like, Christmas. I did not want to overdue her first Christmas. And in November, after our car situation transitioned from two cars to none, we decided "No Christmas". As in, no one was getting gifts. Then the week of Christmas the thought of Charlie (a baby, who is completely unaware...) not having gifts on Christmas made me really sad. So on December 23rd like an insane person I went to IKEA to get some last minute gifts, including some for Charlie. I'd like to think I would have done the same for a fourth child.

Again, because she is  A BABY, she was completely unaware. But it was cute seeing her play with her new toys around the Christmas tree. The day was slow and uneventful, and just what we needed. A white elephant Christmas gift Christmas exchange and Christmas dinner. 

The day after Christmas, we drove down to the South Bay to spend the afternoon walking on the beach followed by burgers in the city. 

Charlie loved the beach. It made the drive with it just to see her crawl and play with the sand. And eat it. It was not evident how much she ate until the next day. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Everything's Bigger in Texas

When Nik told me he was thinking about going to a video nerd conference in Austin, I begged to tag along. Gotta get out to Texas to see my other baby. 

We stayed in a sweet AirBnb, that had concrete floors. Which aesthetically was nice, but baby wise, it was a disaster waiting to happen. Like right after this picture. Head smacked right on the concrete. 

We always wait for the babies to be able to interact, like 'Will this be the time they are finally aware of each other and play?!' There wasn't a ton of playing. But there was awareness demonstrated from Emma, whose lack of the ability to move did not stop her from body slamming, and trying to catch a ride on Char, a death grip on her collar. 

We went to the state capital, soaking up some Texan history. Then both moms proceeded to fight panic attacks when the husbands, holding babies, wanted to peer over a four story look out with babies. 

My favorite part of Austin (company aside) was how walkable of a city it felt. There were trails, and everything felt pretty close together.